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By visiting the Ofertomed.com site you acknowledge that you have reached the age of majority according to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria; that you are of full mental and legal capacity; that you are familiar and agree with the terms and conditions described here below; that you give expressed consent for your personal data to be used and stored for the purposes referred to in this website. These conditions apply to and are binding for all persons who intend to visit or use the site. By visiting the Ofertomed.com site, you become a visitor and after completion of an order and the purchase of a voucher, you become a user.

Applicable law.

The Ofertomed.com site operator is based in the Republic of Bulgaria and its business managed in the Republic of Bulgaria. Therefore, the general conditions of use are in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation. Accessing the site through the Internet from the territories of other countries does not change the jurisdiction – the rules and the terms of use accordant with the Bulgarian legislation apply to all users. If the content of the site or the terms of use are in conflict with the law of the country where the consumer resides, the latter should renounce the use of services provided by Ofertomed.com.


The operator and owner of the Ofertomed.bg site is PROSPER Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Operator;. According to the Copyright and Related Rights Law, the owner of the portal is entitled to exercise rights of ownership over the site. The content or any part thereof, including texts, documents, graphics and images, structure and design of the pages may not be reproduced, copied, published, stored, processed, used to create derivative works, edit or distribute in any way to any number of persons, nor to be used for any public or commercial purposes, without a written request to info@ofertomat.bg and received consent by the owner PROSPER Ltd. Once permission is granted, it is required to include a link to the original content or to the homepage of Ofertomed.bg, and to cite the author of the original material used. Any unauthorized use of the content may be in violation of the copyright of the owner of the Ofertomat.bg website or other laws. The use of any content without the written permission of the owner of the content, except that which is not contrary to these terms and conditions, is expressly forbidden. Any unauthorized use of the site or its content (including but not limited to sending or transmitting any illegal, threatening, false, misleading, insulting, libelous, offensive, obscene, abusive, anti-competitive, defamatory, indecent, scandalous, inflammatory content) is expressly forbidden. The spreading of false, misrepresenting, deceptive or misleading information about the site content or parts of it, and in connection to the products or services offered, their origin, price, method of distribution and other features, is prohibited.

Terms of Use

The access and the use of the site are free of charge. The Operator is not responsible for the discounts or other preferential conditions given by our partners. The site only provides information on discounts and presents proposals to end users. Visitors enjoy the services of Ofertomed.bg on their own responsibility. If a visitor, through his/her actions, intentionally inflict technical damage to the Ofertomed.com site or systems, the Operator will exercise all legal options to protect its interests and will seek from the person full compensation for damages and lost benefits.

Responsibilities and Exceptions of the Operator

The Operator shall not be liable for damages arising from the use of the services promoted on the Ofertomed.com site or from the downloading of information published on the site. The Operator is not obligated to provide compensation in case of errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, delays, existing computer viruses, loss of money or loss of user data, as well as tangible and intangible losses of any kind. The operator is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the technical information posted on the site, as well as the security and safety of the materials, the continued availability of the website or existing errors. The Operator reserves the right to limit or block access of any user to the site or parts of the site at any time.

Terms of sale

Once the visitor places an order, the Operator enables him to buy a voucher for selected services or goods on the conditions specified below. A purchased voucher is exchanged for goods or services supplied by the end provider. The end provider carries full responsibility for the fulfillment of the conditions specified in the purchased voucher. Ofertomed.bg is engaged only in the sale of vouchers which can be used to obtain goods and services from the end provider.

1. Conditions for the use of vouchers for services related to food and drinks.

In this section, the end provider is the company, restaurant or establishment that offers food and drink in exchange of vouchers from Ofertomed.com. The terms of the use are printed on the voucher and the customer is obliged to follow them.

The voucher can not be used for payment of gratuity or tax. Unless it is explicitly mentioned otherwise, in case of partial use of the amount specified on the purchased voucher, the consumer does not receive credit, a new voucher or cash compensation of any size. The same is true in case of exchange of the voucher for goods with a lower value.

The Operator and the end provider will not be responsible in case of loss or theft ofthe voucher, as well as in case of loss or misappropriation of the unique code of the voucher.

2. Terms of vouchers for services unrelated to food and drinks.

The voucher can be used to purchase goods and services from the end provider. Delivery (Packing and shipping) costs are not included in the voucher. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, only one voucher may be used per order with the end provider. The terms are printed on the voucher an the customer is obliged to follow them. Unless it is explicitly mentioned otherwise, in case of partial use of the amount specified on the purchased voucher, the consumer does not receive credit, a new voucher or cash compensation of any size. The same is true in case of exchange of the voucher for goods with a lower value. The Operator and the end provider will not be responsible in case of loss or theft of the voucher, as well as in case of loss or misappropriation of the unique code of the voucher.

3. User’s rights to terminate the contract.

The user can terminate the contract with the end provider in the event of a material discrepancy between the actual goods and services and the described in the voucher.

4. Other terms and conditions for the use of all products published on Ofertomed.com.

All vouchers are promotional discount coupons offering goods and services at nominal prices. Each voucher includes the terms and conditions of use imposed by the Operator and the end provider. The the end provider is the owner/seller of the product or service you purchased. The end provider is the owner of the vouchers before purchase and the seller/service provider after the purchase of the vouchers by consumers. The end provider carries the full responsibility for any damage, loss or liability arising on the customer’s end in fulfilling of the transaction as well as of all claims and lawsuits filed by the customer.

Terms of return of purchased goods.

The customer may withdraw within 14 working days from the purchase of goods, if the product is not as described or has not satisfied the customer’s expectations. The product should not be used and should be in the condition and form in which it was received with the original packaging intact. The client is required to send a clear written cancellation request to the merchant from which the product was obtained and the transport costs for the return are paid by the customer. If the product is defective, the return is at the expense of the merchant.

Conditions for returning a purchased voucher for a discount.

Customer may withdraw within 14 working days from the purchase of the voucher in case he/she changed his/her mind and does not want to use the service. The refund amount is reduced by any transfer costs and fees made ​​by the Operator. If the voucher can not be used because of fault of a partner of the Operator of the site, the amount is refunded in full.

Relations with third parties

The Operator takes part of the information published on the Ofertomed.com site from other sources with their explicit consent. In the Ofertomed.com site there may be links to other websites which are not under the Operator’s control. The operator is not responsible for the content or the visual layout of these third sites, nor for advertisements published on Ofertomed.com by third parties.

Protection of personal data.

The Operator collects and processes personal data in accordance with the Bulgaria’s Law on Protection of Personal Data. We make every effort to ensure that the information that you enter in our database is used only for the purposes of the site. This policy defines the information that the Operator may collect and the manner in which such information may be used. This document contains instructions in the event you do not want your personal data to be collected or distributed when you visit the the Operator’s sites. The Operator is registered as an administrator of personal data.

Information note on Privacy.

According to the legislative frameworks of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of protection, processing, use and storage of personal data of individuals, the Operator undertakes to manage your personal data safely and only for specified purposes. In this case the purpose of data collection is to make the services offered on our site available to users.

The data that we process is the data you provide. Your refusal to provide the requested data may lead to our inability to provide necessary services. The registered information is intended for use by the Operator and is granted only to the following recipients: contractual parties, suppliers of goods and services, banks, administrative authorities if they need the information to take administrative or judicial actions.

According to the Bulgarian legislation, you have the right to receive information, access data, own data, object and go to court. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and request data deletion. In order to exercise these rights, you have to submit a written request, personally signed and dated. If your personal data is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.

Each record of your data stored on sites managed by the Operator requires your knowledge of these rights and your consent that personal data will be used by the Operator for the purposes of marketing, advertising and fulfilling of your orders placed on the site.

General information collected by the Operator.

The Operator will collect information and data about individuals (e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses - "Personal Data"). This is necessary in order to deliver the ordered products or services. Please do not submit data you do not want to be collected. If you want your data to be removed from the database, you can always contact us by mail or phone. If you wish to update your personal data, you can do it from your account. Unless otherwise specified, the Operator may use the personal data you provide for the purposes mentioned below:

a) storage and processing of information that allow us a deeper understanding of user needs and to direct us towards improving the quality of products or services;

b) the Operator (or a person authorized by the Operator or in the event of promotional activity, a third party acting on the Operator’s behalf) can use the information provided to contact you to respond to your inquiry or offer you a prize you requested;

c) The Operator can provide rolled-up, but not individual, information to third parties about visitors or users of Operator’s sites (ie for statistical purposes).

Disclosure and dissemination of personal data.

The Operator will not give (by selling or lending) your personal information to third parties. The Operator may provide personal data collected from you and is not responsible for the transmission of data to third parties in the following cases:

a) if the provision of information is done with your consent;

b) if the provision of information necessary to provide products and services requested by you;

c) if personal data is provided voluntarily in discussion sessions (chat sessions), email correspondence, discussion forums, comments, reviews, etc., taking place on this site, as they can be used by third parties for generating / sending unsolicited messages;

d) If the information is needed by the Operator’s partners to improve or facilitate products or services you requested. The partner companies are entitled to use the personal data provided directly by the Operator only in cases where their help is needed;

e) if the information is requested by the public authorities or institutions within their legal competences;

f) if your activities are inconsistent with the terms and conditions set by the Operator or with the instructions for use of certain products and services;

g) in case the Operator is merged with or acquired wholly or partly by another company and the database is transferred to the new operator. If the Operator is voluntarily or involuntarily declared bankrupt, the liquidator, administrator or buyer may sell, license out or markets database only in case of Court consent. If any of the above happens, you will be notified by email or by a notice published on the website.

In certain situations, the Operator may collect automatically (ie not through voluntary registration) technical information. This type of technical information may be, but is not limited to: the type of the user’s internet browser;  operating system, host domain name or name of domain from where you linked to the Operator’s sites. Information that is automatically saved on your computer - Cookies. Access to some of the Operator’s sit es can lead to certain information being stored on your computer. This information is in the form of a cookie; or similar type of data file through which the Operator eases site navigation. Cookies are small files that your browser saves on the user's hard drive. These cookies are used to store usernames, passwords and preferences, monitor the operation of the site and personalize pages according to the visitor. The structure of the Internet browser allows cookies; to be deleted from the hard disk, to block the automatic acceptance and saving of cookies; or to alert the user when a cookie; is stored on your computer. We recommend that you explore your internet browser in order to better understand and use these functions.

Changes in the terms and conditions of use.

The Operator reserves the right to change the terms of use of Ofertomed.com at any time by publishing new rules, changing old ones or modifying the interface. Users undertake to follow up on any changes in the general conditions. By continuing to use the site after the introduction of any changes to the terms and conditions, the user automatically agrees to the new terms and conditions.

Concepts and terminology.


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The Operator enables site users to send comments, questions and suggestions. Any information sent through the contact form will be used in accordance with the rules on protection of personal data of individuals.

Changes in the Declaration of Protection of Personal Data (Privacy). In order to inform you about any changes to the rules of confidentiality, we will post such changes to this page in due course. If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via the contact form or by post on the following address:

PROSPER Ltd.1407 Sofia,

ul. Zlaten Rog 16, fl 2


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