The Joy of the New Life All in One Place

The Joy of the New Life All in One Place

“Dr. Shterev” Hospital offers a specialized care that encompasses the periods of conception, pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery recovery.

We still talk about in vitro fertilization as a new technique in today’s modernmedicine. However, in 2013 we celebrate 25 years since the first IVF procedure performed in Bulgaria. It is a well-known fact that the father of the first “made-in- Bulgaria” test-tube baby is Prof. Atanas Shterev. Being consistent in following his mission for giving life, in 2003 Prof. Shterev opened a clinic in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Today, 11 years later, the hospital has evolved into a modern medical complex that anchors family planning unit (male and female reproductive medicine), in vitro fertilization unit, pregnancy follow-up unit and fetal medicine unit, unit for oncologic prevention in gynecology, delivery wards, physiotherapy for post-delivery recovery and for the whole family, pediatrician care.

The hospital also houses a ward in endoscopic surgery, focused in the surgical treatment of infertility.

Special attention has also been devoted to regenerative medicine. The hospital have a well-equipped and hi-tech cryo premises as well as labs for scientific research and stem cells preservation and application.

The infertility treatment and the implementation of assisted reproductive technologies is the line, developing at the fastest pace in the hospital. Only in 2013, the IVF lab introduced cutting-edge equipment, used for the application of three new techniques that has helped for the pregnancy rates rise – embryoscopy (real time-lapse imaging of embryos), Spindle view and IMSI (Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection). Due to the practice of these techniques, the team of “Dr. Shterev” Hospital has twice increased the clinical pregnancy success rates after in vitro fertilization in patients with poor ovarian response, repeated implantation failure, male infertility, etc.

Besides from the investments in the IVF unit, serious attention has recently been paid to the Fetal and Prenatal Medicine unit where precise prenatal screening and specialized fetal tests are conducted. “Dr. Shterev” Hospital offer in-house first trimester screening test, encompassing ultrasonography and a blood biochemical testing for chromosomal abnormalities, accompanied by an interpretation of the results and a consultation with a fetal medicine specialist. In addition, the fetal medicine team performs highly specialized ultrasonography for fetal morphology 3D/4D, fetal echocardiography (examining the fetus’s heart), etc.

Each pregnant woman undergoes a highly specialized gynecological and ultrasound screening of the cervix in order to prevent further complications during pregnancy such as preterm birth, preeclampsia or any other risks, related to the loss of the pregnancy.

The attention and care, offered at “Dr. Shterev” Hospital, continues following delivery as well. In the newly opened pediatrician care unit, the specialist offer newborn and pediatric care for infants from 0 to 12 months, for children 1 – 3 years of age and for those above 3. The hospital team takes good care and look after the mother’s health as well – the mothers of newborns can benefit from the special post-delivery recovery packages for getting back into shape after pregnancy. The final outcome for the women is not only going through a whole recovery process but obtaining a complete physical and psychological well-being.

As in all medical care services delivered at “Dr. Shterev” Hospital, here, again affirm its motto “We create joy”.



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